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Electrolysis is the only FDA recognized hair removal method. Electrolysis uses a small filament, which is inserted in to hair follicle, electricity is used to destroy the hair follicle, which helps decrease the amount of regrowth. Once the follicle is destroyed the hair will no longer grow back.

Electrolysis is recommended for all types of hair and skin tones. The electrolysis experience varies from person to person. Some people will feel discomfort while others find they are very relaxed during treatment. Booking consistent appointments helps you reach your goals faster.


Redness and swelling(welting), is normal post electrolysis. We use aloe vera or witch hazel to sooth skin after treatment. Redness and swelling usually goes away within 24 hrs. Using more Aloe or witch hazel can help sensitive skin.


Ask me any questions you have about the process